The Ultimate Ceramic Coating

Do You Want Your Car To Always Be Extremely Shiny?

Super Easy To Clean?

Want To Stop Road Salt, Bugs, Sap, and Bird Droppings From Damaging Your Paint?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Your vehicle needs Opti-Coat.

It's the best thing you can do to preserve the value and appearance of your vehicle.

Ultimate Protection

With it's pure Silicon Carbide (SiC) formula, and Permanent Bond, Opti-Coat creates an impenetrable barrier.

Opti-Coat prevents damages from 

Road Salt



Bird Droppings

Tree Sap

Bug Splatter

Chemical Etching

Hard Water Spots

​and more...

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Self Cleaning Properties - Easy to Keep Clean

Keeping your car clean has never been easier.

Dirt releases with ease due to Opti-Coat's non-stick dirt shedding properties. 

A Simple Wash Will Maintain The Gloss

CeramiC Coating Options

Opti-Coat Pro+ Ceramic Coating


The Most Gloss, Scratch Resistance, and Dirt Shedding.

​​1 Time Application is all that's ever needed.

Base Layer of Pro Topped With Pro+

Silicon Carbide Technology (SiC)
Permanent Bond.

7 year warranty

Opti-Coat Pro 


The Original Ceramic Coating that started it all.

Performs Amazingly Well. Vehicles that were coated in 2005 are still going strong.

Silicon Carbide Technology (SiC)

1 Time Application
Permanent Bond

5 year warranty

Opti-Coat Paint Guard 


Similar chemistry to Opti-Coat Pro but formulated to be a budget friendly option. Perfect for leased vehicles.

Silicon Carbide Technology (SiC)

1 Time Application

Semi-Permanent Bond

3 Year Warranty

Gloss-Coat ★★

Our entry level ceramic coating. Enriches Color and Gloss. Weaker than the Opti-Coat options due to it's Sio2 composition.

May need re-applied or boosted with Hyper-Seal yearly for best performance, but can last up to 3 years on 1 application with proper maintenance.

Silicon Dioxide (Sio2)

25x Stronger Than Plain Wax


Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating Specialist OF Johnstown PA

Scratch Resistant

Opti-Coat creates a surface much harder than factory clear coat.

Scratches, Swirls, and Marring is greatly reduced.

Ultimate Gloss

Opti-Coat delivers insane gloss and unmatched shine thanks to it's superior clarity and reflective properties.

Unlike factory clear coat, Opti-Coat will not oxidize, etch, or pit.

So it will always be smooth, slick, and shining.


Opti-Coat permanently bonds with the existing clear coat on the molecular level.
It creates a surface of pure ceramic with no gaps or voids.
​It cannot wash off.

It never needs to be re-applied or boosted.

Ultimate Durability

Opti-Coat's Technology is Unique.
Unlike other "pro" coatings it only requires a one time application,
and Road Salt Will Not Weaken It's Durability.

Water will bead for a Guaranteed minimum of

7 Years with Opti-Coat Pro+

5 Years Opti-Coat Pro

3 Years Opti-Coat Paint Guard