The Ultimate Appearance!

My Mission is to provide you with superior service and products that enhances the beauty

and extend the life of automotive surfaces to maximize value and driving pleasure.

Opti-Guard provides a strong barrier between the outside world

and the interior of your car.

The Ultimate Stain & UV Protection

The Ultimate Protection!

Opti-Coat Pro+ Is The Ultimate Ceramic Coating Paint Protection.

Your Car Will Stay Cleaner, Never Fade,

and You'll Never Have To Wax or Polish Again!

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​We offer a variety of window tinting shades and options.

Sure to make any car look amazing!

"Thank You For Your Interest in MDX Detailing. If there is any questions I can answer for you, please don't hesitate to ask. Your satisfaction is my goal." 

Anson Craig

Owner & Detail Expert


Our chip and scratch repair is second to none.

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