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The Ultimate Appearance & The Ultimate Protection!

Opti-Coat Pro+ Is The Ultimate Ceramic Coating Paint Protection.
Your Car Will Have More Gloss, Stay Cleaner, Never Fade, 
and You'll Never Have To Wax or Polish Again!​

Detailing, Like You've Never Seen Before!

Here at MDX Detailing, I do things a little different, and for a good reason! My focus is on High Quality, not high quantity.

Giving your vehicle the time it needs to deliver a flawless finish, while building a lasting relationship with all my clients, is my goal. 

I'm here to be YOUR car guy, now, and in the future. 

- Anson Craig

​Owner MDX Detailing

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"Thank You For Your Interest in MDX Detailing. If there is any questions I can answer for you, please don't hesitate to ask. Your satisfaction is my goal." 

Anson Craig

Owner & Detail Expert


MDX Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coatings Johnstown PA

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