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Our Services

  • Detailing: 
    • ​Interior and Exterior Meticulous Cleaning and Visual Enhancement
  • Ceramic Coatings:
    • Opti-Coat Protects Your Investment and Preserve it's Appearance Inside and Out. 
    • ​Never Wax or Polish Again
  • Paint Correction:
    • Buffing and Polishing to Expertly Restore The Paint's Gloss and Shine
  • Clear Coat Restoration:
    • ​Restores Faded Dull Paint
    • Saves Your Vehicle From Costly Paint Jobs
  • Chip and Scratch Repair:
    • ​Precision Touch Up - No Blobs

Ultimate Protection - Never Wax Again!

Opti-Coat locks in the gloss and protects your vehicle's exterior.

Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings

Opti-Guard shields the interior and preserves that new car feel.

​Opti-Guard Interior Coatings

Industry Leading Warranty and Technology.

The Detail You've Been Looking For

Our Mission is to provide you with superior service that enhances the beauty

and extends the life of automotive surfaces to maximize value and driving pleasure.

"Anson is very knowledgeable and down to earth. Doesn't skip a step he is the example of a perfectionist! I just watched him prep a very dirty, now very stunning Jeep Track Hawk. He truly didn't skip a step and went over it with a spot light multiple times correcting every little even factory imperfection. The very definition of going over with a white glove or fine tooth comb. His work definitely merits a 5 star review! I could go on forever with the work he has put into just the prep work alone for his multiple YEAR warranty ceramic coating, and that still wouldn't touch the amount of effort he put into this vehicle! Would truly recommend MDX Auto Detailing to anyone!"

-Robert Boors, Bedford PA. 5 Star Facebook Review

Ultimate Convenience

​Services available at our shop by drop-off, or pick up and delivery, or

mobile service - where we bring our skills to your home.

Ultimate Appearance

Our specialized buffing process restores lost gloss and enhances new vehicle's to a better than showroom shine.

Buffing / Paint Correction

​Our premium chip and scratch repair is second to none. $300 Lifetime Unlimited Repairs.

Scratch / Chip Repair 

Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating Specialist OF Johnstown PA

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"Anson makes a great first impression. It’s obvious he knows and understands his craft.
As the business owner and technician... he represents his work and his work represents him. He cares about the final product.
My product and application research led me to MDX Auto. I am extremely happy and thoroughly recommend Anson and Opti-Coat Pro+ to protect your vehicle."

-W.S. Close, Somerset PA. 5 Star Facebook Review

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