Services Available

  • ​Car Show Prep
  • Storage Prep
  • Cleaning Services
  • Wax, Sealant, and Coating Application
  • Scratch and Chip Repair
  • Polishing and Paint Correction
  • ​Orange Peel Removal
  • Glass Polishing
  • ​Engine Detailing
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Leather Care
  • Odor Removal
  • Mold or Mildew Removal

​And many more, Call with any inquiries.


Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating Specialist OF Johnstown PA

MDX Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coatings Johnstown PA

Classic and Show Car Detailing

Free On-Site Service For the Ultimate in Convenience and Luxury

Safe and Eco-Friendly Methods and Cleaners. No Harsh Chemicals or Methods Guaranteed!

​If your car is your pride and joy. If car shows and cruises are your favorite events. If you'll take any chance to show it to friends, family, or fellow car lovers. Then MDX Detailing is for you. As the owner of MDX Detailng, not only do I respect how important your car is to you, but I have the knowledge, tools, and ability to properly care for the unique situation your car may present. Whats more, is that all services are available on-site if requested. No need to put unnecessary miles on, or leave your car at the garage. 

Extensive knowledge and experience in caring for,

  • OEM single stage and modern clear coat paint systems
  • ​Metal, fiberglass, and plastic body panels
  • Pinstripes and graphics
  • Aluminum, chrome, glass
  • Delicate trim work, rubber, seals 
  • Mechanical and electrical components
  • Interior materials
  • Convertible, fabric, and vinyl tops

Benefits of Choosing MDX Detailing

MDX Detailing will not only help you squeeze every ounce of shine out of your car possible, but we will do so in the most  convenient way for you possible in a manner that is safe for both your car and the environment.
  • High Quality, Top of the Line Products
    • 100% Microfiber Towles and Applicators
    • Meguiars, Zaino, Duragloss, Adams, Optimum, Collinite, Mothers, Menzerna, and many more 
    • If You Have A Preferred Product, We Will Gladly Accomodate 
  • Delicate Touch and Meticulous Service
  • Safe Wash Methods
    • Will Not Scratch, Mar, or Introduce Water Behind Panels
    • Helps Prevent Rust
    • Can Be Performed At Storage Site Or In Your Garage With No Puddles
    • Will Not Damage Even The Most Delicate Weather Seals, Trim, or Other Surfaces
  • On-Site Service Available
  • Training and Extensive Knowledge in All Automotive Fields Such As
    • ​Body and Collision 
    • Mechanical
    • Carpet and Upholstery 
    • Leather Care 
  • Fully Licensed and Insured Business
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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