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Todays modern paint systems require modern solutions to remove oxidation, scratches, and swirls

If you'd like your vehicle to shine like new or if you are looking for a show car finish this is the service you need.

We fix scratches, marring, swirls, oxidation, water spots, acid rain damage, and orange peel. Using the best tools, and products, and techniques, damaged paint is brought back to look better than new. Extreme care is taken to guarantee the highest quality finish, free of holograms or buffer trails. 

 The Secret To Quality, Lasting, Paint Correction Results. 

Gone are the days of lacquer paints and high speed buffers. Modern urethane clear coat paints require different tools and techniques. 

⭐ Low Speed     ⭐ Light Pressure     ⭐Cool Temperatures 

Our Paint Correction Process

⭐Better Results      ⭐ Safe For Modern Paint     ⭐ Scratches Will Not Come Back

Paint Correction / Buffing & Polishing

The Solution To Perfect Swirl Free Paint

MDX Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coatings Johnstown PA

Ceramic Coating & Auto Detailing Specialist OF Johnstown PA