Interior Detail Services

​Whether your car needs basic interior cleaning, stain removal, or odor removal, the area's  Premium Auto Detail Service has you covered!

Our Intense Cleaning Process Prolongs the Life of Your Carpet, Upholstery, Leather, and Trim. Here's some of what we offer.

  • Super Vacuuming
    • We Get The Dirt Deep Down Below The Surface.
      • Because Embedded Dirt Damages Carpet and Upholstery, We Go Beyond What You Can Achieve With a Regular Vacuuming.
    • Commercial Vacuums, High Flow Compressed Air, and Specialized Tools Loosen and Removes All Debris. 

  • Shampoo and Stain Removal
    • Industry Leading Tools and Techniques to Provide You the Best Results Possible. 
      • Hot Water Extraction 
      • Steam Cleaning
      • Very Low Moisture (VLM) Utilizing Encapsulation Technoglogy
    • We Can Clean All Carpet and Upholstery, Including Seatbelts and Headliners.
    • We can remove
      • Food Stains, Red Stains, Coffee, Mustard, Grease
      • Pet Stains, Tar, Paint, and More...
    • Fast Drying, No Harsh Chemical, No-Resoiling

  • Leather Cleaning 
    • ​Gently cleans the leather's pores and grain texture
      • We Use Proper PH Soaps and Conditioners Specific to Your Vehicle's Leather
    • Removes built-up soils from, sweat, body oils, lotions, and make-up
    • We Can Remove and Prevent Blue Jean Dye Transfer 

  • Meticulous "Q-Tip" Cleaning
    • We Deep Clean ​​Dash, Gauges, Cup Holders, Console, Door Panels, Door Sills and more...
    • We Remove All Dirt and Old Dressing
      • This Preps Surface For Proper Application of Premium Protectant
    • Deep Cleans Seams And Hard To Reach Areas.
      • ​Even Textured Surfaces Look Like New
    • Includes Vents Too!

  • Glass Cleaned
    • Streak Free Shine. 
    • Tint Safe.
    • Includes Mirrors and Sun Roofs.

  • Premium Protectant Application 
    • ​​Beautifies Interior and Protects.
    • Applied to All Hard Surfaces, Vinyl, and Leather
    • ​​No greasy look or feel.
    • Natural Factory Appearance.
    • Will not attract dust.

  • HVAC Cleaning
    • ​Cleans vents of allergens and musty odors.
    • Provides a healthy environment.
    • Cabin air filter replacement and upgrades available.

  • Odor Removal
    • ​Safely solves bad odors such as
    • ​Smoke, old food, pet odors etc

  • Steam Cleaning
    • Kills Bacteria and Sanitizes Surfaces.
    • Often Necessary for Odor Removal

  • Protective Surface Coatings
    • Prevents Permanent Staining and Damage
    • Advanced Protection Preserves
      • Leather, Fabric, Carpet, and Trim
      • Prevents Fading and Abrasion
      • Long Lasting, up to 2 Years!
  • ​Sanitization
    • Kills germs and bacteria
    • Provides a healthy environment
    • Perfect for new to you used cars!
  • Carpet Color Restore
    • Restores color to old or faded carpets.

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"I Enjoy Driving My Car Again, I feel Like It's Brand New!"

​​Interior Add-On Services

  • Interior Glass Treatment. Drastically reduces fogging while making future cleanings easier. 
  • HVAC System Cleaning and Filter Upgrade.  ​Removes and prevents odors from the heater and air conditioning unit and vents.​ Water condensates in the HVAC system throughout the year, especially during seasonal changes. This wet environment causes bacteria, mildew, and odors.  Keep ahead of the problem by having your HVAC system cleaned at least twice per year. We recommend at the end of fall and the beginning of spring due to the temperature changes. Provides a fresh and clean smelling air system that you'll be sure to enjoy.
  • Premium Leather Cleaning Treatment.   For vehicles with high end naturally finished leather such as aniline, semi-aniline and vegetable-tanned leathers. Generally these types of leathers are only found in higher end models as an upgraded option, such as the "Laguna Leather" found in the Chrysler SRT Lineup. This is a deep cleaning and conditioning that will preserve and enrich the beauty of the leather to protect your investment.
  • Ultimate Ceramic Leather Protection.     Ultimate in protection and offers a beautiful “better than new” finish with no added gloss!  Provides an excellent combination of soft to the touch feel, extreme protection, and unbelievable durability. Maintenance of your interior leather becomes as simple as wiping with a damp towel and walking away! 
    • Durability: 1 to 2 years
    • Resists jean dye transfer
    • Hydrophobic & Oil Phobic
    • Stain resistant
    • Chemical resistant
    • UV resistant
    • "Easy clean" affect
    • Preserves color and resists fading
  • Ultimate Stain Guardian.   Ultra-Hydrophobic barrier that repels water and stains, whilst resisting abrasion, UV fading, and alkaline and acid attack for up to 12 months.
    • Ultra Hydrophobic: Liquids are repelled instantly
    • Durability: Withstands mechanical wear for up to 1 year and withstands strong soaps and high pH intensive detergents
    • UV protection: Protects against UV degradation while maintaining the supple feel and original color of treated surfaces
    • Long lasting protection against water, dirt and grease
    • Resists bacteria growth from sweat, dirt, oils, and liquids
    • Requires less cleaning: In most cases simply wipe with a damp towel
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Interior Car Cleaning

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