Is Your Paint Truly Clean?

Most Vehicle's Clear Coat Is Embedded With Dirt A Wash Alone Can't Remove.

Common Symptoms

*Paint is Not Silky Smooth

*Rough Feeling Paint.

*Color Not As Bright As When New.

*Water Sticks to Surface.

​*Tiny Orange or Silver Dots

These Problems Will Cause Early Clear Coat Failure!

 Solve Them With Premium Service

Your Car Will Thank You!

Exterior Detail Services

Whether your car needs polished, ceramic coated, or just washed

the area's Premium Auto Detail Service has you covered! ​

Standard and Show Car Detailing Available

  • Gentle Hand Wash and Drying 
    • Proper Technique and Tools Gently Remove Dirt. 
      • No swirls, No Streaks, No water spots!
    • Filtered Air Blows Out Seams to Prevent Water Drips and Runs.
    • Soft Premium Microfiber Gently Dries Your Car Without Marring.

  • Brake Dust Removal
    • All Brake Dust Safely Removed From Rim Faces and Barrels
      • Wheels Off Detailing Available
      • Brake Dust Repellent Available

  • Premium Tire and Trim Treatments
    • Deep Cleaning and Long Lasting Protection
      • Non Greasy Look or Feel
    • Deep Black Trim Restoration
    • Prolongs Life of the Treated Surfaces by Shielding UV​

  • Wax and Sealant Applications
    • We Offer a Range of High Quality Paint Protection Options
      • ​#1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba, Pure Polymer Sealants, and many more
    • We Help You Get The Best Protection Option For Your Individual Vehicle
    • No Wax Residue In Seams or On Trim
    • All Necessary Prep work to Guarantee a Quality Application and Strong Bond
    • High Gloss, Hand Buffed to Perfection

  • ​​Ceramic Coating Protection

  • Clay Bar and Decontamination
    • Clay Bar 
      • Removes bonded contaminants a wash alone cannot.
      • Increases gloss and polishing results.
      • Smooths Rough Feeling Paint
    • Chemical Decontamination
      • Removes Corrosive Iron and Mineral Deposits from Paintwork, Trim, and Glass
    • Prolongs Life of Clear Coat Paint System

  • Paint Correction - "Buff and Polish"
    • Removes Swirls, Scratches, Marring, Water Spots, Oxidation
    • Amplifies gloss for that deep, wet look.
    • We Offer Cleaner Waxes, Compounding, Polishing and Orange Peel Correction

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  • Show Car Services
    • Perfect Finish Paint Correction
    • Orange Peel Removal and Leveling
    • Superior Multi-Layer Paste Wax Applications
    • Award Winning Results

  • Engine Bay Detailing
  • Chip and Scratch Repair
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Convertible Top Cleaning and Waterproofing ​​

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"MDX is exactly what I was looking for! Their service fit my needs and budget perfectly. My car looks better than when I bought it. Nothing compares to MDX Auto Detailing!"​

Donald P.

Exterior Auto Detailing

Did You Know?

A vehicle is often the second biggest investment in a person's life.

Exterior detailing is not just for special occasions, it is a true protection of your investment and a needed maintenance service.

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