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Buffing / Paint Correction

If you'd like your vehicle to shine like new or if you are looking for a show car finish this is the service you need.

This will fix scratches, marring, swirls, oxidation, water spots, acid rain damage, and orange peel. Using the best tools, and products, along with thorough prep work damaged paint is brought back to look better than new. Extreme care is taken along with proper technique to guarantee a high quality finish free of holograms or buffer trails. 

This is a multi-step cleaning, buffing, and polishing process with 6 to 16+ hours of labor involved.​

Paint Correction includes

  • Clay bar treatment
  • Deep paint cleansing
  • Prep Taping of delicate areas
  • Necessary buffing and polishing steps to achieve your desired results.

Requires visual inspection for estimate

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