Auto Detailing Starter Package


Wash, Clay, Wax

Detailed Hand Wash & Dry

- Gently Cleans Off All Dirt 

- Scrub Wheels & Tires

- Tar Removal

- All Water Blown Out From Seams

Clay Bar Treatment
- Removes Above Surface Contaminants

- Creates A Smooth Surface

Hand Wax Application

​- Beautiful Rich Glow

- Will Not Stain Trim

- Patented UVA & UVB Protection 

Only $99  For Any Car


Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings

The Ultimate

Enhancement & Protection

Keeps Your Car Clean & Shiny

Opti-Coat Pro+ Ceramic Coating


The best value you can get.

Strongest, Shiniest, and Longest Lasting Protection.

Extremely Hydrophobic. Repels Water, Dirt, and Grime With Ease.

Prevents Damage from Bugs, Bird Dropping, Sap, Salt and more.

Perfect for Anyone Who Wants More Shine and Their Car to Stay Cleaner.

​​1 Time Application is all that's ever needed.

Base Layer of Pro Topped With Pro+

Silicon Carbide Technology (SiC)
Permanent Bond.
7 year warranty

Opti-Coat Pro 


The Original Ceramic Coating that started it all.

Performs Amazingly. Vehicles that were coated in 2005 are still going strong.

Silicon Carbide Technology (SiC)

1 Time Application
Permanent Bond

5 year warranty

Opti-Coat Paint Guard 


Similar chemistry to Opti-Coat Pro but designed to be a budget friendly option. Perfect for leased vehicles.

Silicon Carbide Technology (SiC)

1 Time Application

Semi-Permanent Bond

3 Year Warranty



Our entry level ceramic coating. Enriches Color and Gloss. Weaker than the Opti-Coat options due to it's Sio2 composition.

May need re-applied or boosted with Hyper-Seal yearly for best performance, but can last up to 3 years on 1 application with proper maintenance.

Silicon Dioxide (Sio2)

For Pricing On Ceramic Coatings, Please Contact Us or Use Our "Ceramic Coating Calculator" On Our Ceramic Coatings Page.

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Most Popular Add-Ons


Any Option Just $100

Choose The Options That

Best Suit Your Needs


Hyper-Seal Paint Protection

On Sale For Only $1
- Ceramic Infused Paint Sealant

- Helps Keep Your Car Cleaner. 
- Enriches Color and Gloss. 

- Protects For 6 Months

Cleaner Wax - Buff & Polish
- Enhances Gloss and Shine
- Deep Cleans Paint
- Improves Durability of Wax or Sealant

Opti-Glass Windshield Coating

- Like Rain-X on Steroids!

- Repels Water, Dirt, Ice, Snow, Bugs, and Mud.

Chip & Scratch Repair

- No Blobs! 

- Chips and Scratches are Filled In and Buffed Out to Smoothly Blend in with Surrounding Area.

- Perfect Factory Matched Paints


Interior Detail
- Super Vacuuming
​- Q-Tip Cleaning
- Condition Leather & Dash

Steam Cleaning
- Deep Shampoo
- Refreshes Carpet & Upholstery
- Kills Germs & Bacteria

Any Popular Add-On

Just $100

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Paint Correction

Remove Scratches & Swirls

An Intensive Polishing Process
​- Drastically Improves Clarity and Gloss.

- Removes As Many Paint Blemishes, Scratches, and Flaws Possible. 

- Multi-step compounding and polishing process to refine the finish.

Starting at $500 

Final Pricing is Dependent On Vehicle Condition and Your Desired Results

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