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Ultimate Detail Package  

Complete Ceramic Protection


If you want the best, this is it. This package provides gloss and protection like you've never seen before. Your car's paint is polished to a gloss better than new. Interior is completely steam cleaned and refreshed. But what's best is the ceramic protection inside and out that provides 2 Years of easy cleaning and lasting gloss.​ ​

Includes Full Premium Detail Service Plus the Following


Protection That Lasts For Years

Multi Stage Paint Correction
- Multiple Step Compounding, Buffing, and Polishing Process.
- Removes Oxidation and Defects

- Gives The Ultimate Finish, Ultimate Gloss
- Necessary For Proper Ceramic Adhesion

Ceramic Coating ★★★★★
- Years of Protection 

- Applied to All Exterior Paint, Door Jambs, Trim, Headlights, Grilles, Rims, and More
- 25X Longer Lasting Than Plain Wax
- Extremely Hydrophobic
- Strong Chemical Resistance
​- Protects Paint From Fading, Oxidation,
Dirt, Bird Droppings, Bugs, and More

Ultimate Tire Coating

- Extreme Tire Dressing

- Permanently Bonds To Tire

- Long Lasting Black Sheen Prevents Browning

- Easy to Maintain

Glass Coating

- Improves Wet Weather Visibility and Safety

- Easier to Clean

- Prevents Ice Sticking

Chip and Scratch Touch-up

- Perfectly Matched Paint

- No Blob Touch-up Blends in Smoothly

- Prevents Rusting and Preserves Factory Finish

Protection That Lasts For Years

Carpet and Fabric Coating

- Prevents Permanent Staining

- Easy to Keep Clean

- Repels Liquids

​- Outlasts and Outperforms

Similar Products

Leather Coating

- Extreme UV Protection

- Resists Stains and Jean Dye Transfer

- Abrasion Resistant

- Easy to Keep Clean with Just a Damp Cloth

Dash and Trim Coating

- Ultimate UV Protection

- Easy to Keep Clean with Just a Damp Cloth

Ant-Fog Glass Treatment

- Prevents Fogging

- Increases Visibility and Safety                                                        

 ​Shampoo, Steam Cleaning, and Stain Removal Available
- Fast Dry Times
- No Harsh Chemicals
- No Residue Left Behind
- Permanent Stain Removal                                                                                           

" My car has never been this easy to keep clean. It's like a freshly waxed vehicle every time I wash it, and the gloss is just phenomenal " 

- Charles B. - Altoona

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Paint Protection Options

Ceramic Coating:  ★★★★★  Strongest, Shiniest, and Longest Lasting Protection. 2+ Years Durability. Extremely Hydrophobic. Repels Water, Dirt, and Grime With Ease. Multiple Layers Available.

Pure Polymer Sealant:  ★★★★  Strong Durable Protection that Enriches Color and Gloss. 6 Months Durability. 

Show Car Waxes:  ★★★  Hand Buffed, Hard Paste Waxes. Deep Warm Glow. Several Options Available to Best Suit Your Needs.

Hybrid Wax:  ★★   Carnauba Wax and Polymer Sealant Hybrid.   Patented UVA and UVB Protection Fortifies Clearcoat to Prevent Oxidation. 

​​​​​​​​​Standard Detail Package 

Wash, Clay, Wax, "Q-Tip" Cleaning


Standard service suits most customers best. This package makes paint smooth and protected while adding extra shine.

Interior gets a "Q-tip" Cleaning.


Gentle Hand Wash
- Foam Bath Pre-soak

- Includes Door Jambs

Wheels and Tires
- All brake dust safely removed.
​- Tire Dressing Application

Premium Drying Process
​- Filtered air blows out all seams.
- Soft microfiber gently dries. No marring.

Clay Bar Treatment
- Removes Surface Contaminants

- Improves Adhesion of Wax

​Wax or Sealant Paint Protection

- Your Choice of Wax or Sealant Application.

- Adds Gloss

- Protects Paint and Trim From Environmental Damage

- Call For More Info

Super Vacuuming
- Better than normal vacuuming

- Removes deeply embedded dirt, not just surface debris

- All Carpet / Upholstery
- Under / Between Seats

Glass Cleaned
- Streak Free.
- Tint Safe.
- Includes Mirrors and Sunroofs

“Q-Tip” Clean and Dress
- All Nooks and Crevices Cleaned With Meticulous Detail

- UV Protective Dressing. Non Greasy. Factory Look Finish.

Shampoo, Steam Cleaning, and Stain Removal Available

- Fast Dry Times

- No Harsh Chemicals

- No Residue Left Behind

- Permanent Stain Removal

Premium Detail Package

Polish, Wax, Steam Clean


Deep cleaning is followed by machine polishing and premium treatments that restore the appearance of paint, trim, upholstery, and other surfaces. 

Premium protection helps your vehicle stay clean inside and out. ​

Includes All Standard Detail Services Plus The Following


Gloss Enhancement Polish 
- Machine Buff / Polishing Gives that "wet look" gloss.
- Improves blemishes, dullness, scratches, swirls, oxidation, water spots, stains and more.

3 - Stage Decontamination  

- Improves Appearance and Polishing Results

- Removes Iron and Mineral Deposits

- Neutralizes the Paint's PH Level 

Choice of Paint Protection
- Your Choice of Paint Protection.

- Wax, Sealant, or Ceramic Coating
- Adds Extra Gloss
- Protects Paint From Environmental Damage
- Call For More Info

Premium Trim Treatment

- Long Lasting Deep Black Appearance

- Restores and Prevents Faded Trim

- Protects New Trim

Premium Leather Care
- Seams / stitching cleaned to remove debris.
- Mild Cleaners Gently Clean Leather Surface.

Protective Polymer Sealant

- Applied to All Carpet, Fabric, Leather, and Plastic.

- Prevents Fading, UV Damage, and Staining.

- Lasts Up to 6-12 Months Depending on Vehicle Use
HVAC Refresher and Filter Change
- Fragrance Free Refresher Cleans and Sanitizes Ventwork 

- Cabin Air Filter Replaced to Reduce Allergens

- Vehicle Manufacturer Recommended                                                 

Shampoo, Steam Cleaning, and Stain Removal Available
- Fast Dry Times
- No Harsh Chemicals
- No Residue Left Behind
- Permanent Stain Removal

" Calling MDX was the best thing I've ever done for my car.

Amazing quality at a fair price."

- David S. - Greensburg

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