From A Bucket and Rags to Opti-Coat.

For Me, Anson Craig, it's all about customer satisfaction and family.

 I was raised along with my siblings Breanna, Pierson, and Ady, in Johnstown by loving parents, Michael and Paula.

My Father worked worked nights, but this allowed him to spend so much time with the family, even if he should've been too tired. Every day my parents instilled in us strong moral, biblical principals.

Principals I would adhere to.

In high school, I wanted a car, but I needed some cash.

 I began washing and cleaning friends and neighbors cars with a bucket I found in the basement, some rags, and cheap soap.

After a long time, I saved enough and I bought my first car, a black  '86 Pontiac Fiero GT. I loved that car and thought it was the coolest thing ever. (I still love them actually lol) I had a 20 year old car that I wanted to make pop. It wasn't easy. I quickly learned it took a lot more than a good wash to make a car look better. This began my quest to learning everything I could about buffing and polishing vehicles. 

I started working as "wash boy" at a local dealership, but I continued to upgrade my bucket and rags slowly but surely, along with my offerings to my weekend customers. I began filling up my weekends with detailing, months in advance.

Meanwhile, I met the girl of my dreams, Brittany Varner, and I was going to make her my wife.

However, Looking at my bank account, I knew I would need a different job, "wash boy" wasn't going to cut it anymore. 

But I was good at it, and my work was in demand.

So I decided to go full time with my detailing.

We got married, and I started MDX Detailing - The Mobile Detail Xpert.

I offered convenient, on location wash and vac services that were well under priced. I gained a lot of loyal weekly customers with my honest reputation. This quickly filled my schedule up with jobs. Sun up to sun down, I worked mobile washes.

But I didn't have time left in my life for Brittany or family, and we were struggling to stay afloat. 

Something needed to change. I needed a solution. I needed to spend more time at home but still provide for my wife, and give my customers a way for their cars to look clean every week. 

Ceramic Coatings were the answer. They were long lasting protection, and they kept vehicles cleaner.

But I would need a garage to apply them. 

We bought a house with an attached garage I could run my business from. This allowed me to spend more time with Brittany, my number 1 priority. 

I began testing every ceramic coating I could get my hands on. They were so much stronger than wax!

But something was wrong. Even though they were better than wax, they didn't live up to the hype the companies selling them to me promised. Coatings that were to give years of longevity, needed frequent "booster coats" (reload, sport, etc). I didn't feel right selling a "lifetime" coating that needed reapplied frequently. And ones that claimed chemical resistance were removed with tar removers.

I built my customer base by being honest with my customers. My parents raised me better than to continue using these coatings so I gave up on them.

I went back to high volume washes... Until I found Opti-Coat.

They promised a permanent coating, but I was hesitant to say the least. 

I gave it a try, and tortured the opti-coat with everything I could think of for a long time. From straight degreasers, to concentrated hidroflouric acid, to baking bird droppings with a heat gun, I attacked that opti-coat.

But I couldn't kill it.

I finally found a product I could trust, and one that I had faith in.

I've been installing Opti-Coat ever since.

My customers couldn't be happier, and I get to spend more time where it matters most.

Expressions photography. Johnstown's most trusted professional photography.

Small Business = Quality Service

By being an owner operated small business, MDX Detailing is able to dedicate the time and focus your car needs, and the personal service you deserve. 

Producing exceptional results at a high value requires more than just using quality products. It requires proper knowledge and experience to care for the many materials and components in your vehicle. 

With professional training, education, and certified membership in The International Detailing Association, MDX continues to progress and build upon years of experience to provide the best service possible. This allows me to guarantee exceptional results and your complete satisfaction. 

Anson Craig

Owner MDX Detailing

 MDX Auto Detailing is the right choice for you, if...

1)   You want to be treated like an individual, not just another customer. I live by The Golden Rule and treat others how I'd like to be treated.

2)  You want a detail that goes beyond a basic cleaning.
3)  You want someone who dedicates the time and focus you deserve.
4)  You want someone with experience, knowledge, and training.

5)  You want real, lasting value, you can see.

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